Sexta-feira, 20 de Julho de 2007

MIAAROSE & ANAFREE - Crash and Burn - Lyrics



Letra do Tema

Crash and Burn


Here we are once again waiting for the time to end,

looking back looking on, tried to fight but it was the wrong,

Thing to do thing to say who were you to treat me that way?

I tell you


I... always knew I was right, When it came to you when it came to me we were so long gone it was make believe I.... I....

Crash and Burn

Verse 2

You walked the line, while you were mine you took the chance and fell behind

you're pitiful, shameful shoud've realised through it all

I'd rather be alone then unhappy...

I tell you



What about the nights you left me?

What about the time I lost on you? (heyy)

What about the things I bought you?

None of it means anything to you....

Verse 3

Here I am, Here I go, years along and now you know

what goes around comes around lesson learnt and now you've found

That You're feeling all alone and unhappy...


you're feeling all alone and unhappy x2

Lesson Learnt!

Escrito e Composto por: Mia Rose & Ana Free
publicado por Recomendo às 00:31
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