Sábado, 10 de Janeiro de 2009

Ana Free - Unfinished - Por Acabar

Bom Ano Novo a todos os que por aqui passarem. Ana Free tem mais música para todos nós. Este tema vem por acabar ou seja, Unfinished. Só de nome pois tem princípio, meio e fim. No seu canal do Youtube Ana Free deixa uma pequena mensagem escrita de bom ano para todos. E vamos ao que interessa, música, video e letra.


Próximo Concerto da Ana Free será em Londres a 15 de Janeiro de 2009. Para mais informações vejam o canal da Ana Free no Myspace.


Ana Free - Unfinished - Letra - Lyrics


You and I are unfinished
Taking your time and thinking it over
Like you do
Why do I feel this way?

You and I are caught in it
Laughing about it making jokes but
The joke's on us
Why does it hurt like this?

I'm the sky and you're water
All the changes in colour, depend on us
Other side of the light
Other time in your life
Do you think I
Do you know I
Can you see what I mean?

It's gonna be hard
Nothing said, nothing promised and
Fragile road to go
But you're my endless surrender
Of all I really shouldn't know
But I'm radiating every time so keep me on my feet cuz I
I'm gonna lose my mind

You and I have gotta slow down
Get in a rhythm, be on the same page
If we do
Walking wounded this way

And it's a burning revelation
Tell me I'm reaching you like you're reaching me
I'm still in deep with you

You're the tide that I'm caught in
Swimming against you but I just can't shake you free
Another place in time
Other side of the light
Do you think I
Do you know I
Can you see what I mean?

(It's gonna be hard nothing said etc!)


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